My Practical Life at NZ Wheels Mercedes Benz - PART II

Hey guys, you miss me didn't you? Well, I miss to post too. This is the only way to stop being boring right? So today nothing much to story but a lot to tell you. I'm wondering if my classmates miss me or not? And I'm sure the NZ Wheels staff will miss me when I'm gone. Am I right? Oh please dont cry... 

Today I'm so bored. But I's still go to work even tho I got a fever. Its hard to tell you know seems like I'm the reptilia one that cannot tahan dengan environment dalam office yang sejuk dengan aircond. Mungkin pelik bagi orang Malaysia macam aku yang tak sukakan kesejukan. Boleh demam teruk kalau hari hari macamni. Pity me.

Back to the point, I'm bored, just because no works given by my beloved boss lately.Tapi pagi tadi adalah juga rush thing pasal cheque, purchase order and invoice. Then my boss hilang ntah kemana tak inform. Hmm since Alex come to the office, my boss just focus on him. Im not jelous but ahh whatever. Maybe I just need attention, I mean I need some work to do before I go. Go and not come back. Emm get it what I mean?

I always asked him for help or work because Im not that type of girl yang suka duduk dekat table lepastu layan social network ke baca novel ke gossiping ke when that is waktu berkerja but when no works to do and here I go to keep updating my blog. Anyway, when him was not around, I try to solve by asking Mag, Kak Meri, Kak Yuyu or someone else to do a favor. Hahahaha pity me when they said, "nothing to give you to do" Hampa sangat tau rasa dia. Macam nak jawab, "Okaylah, can I go home now? Seems like I dont have any work to do?". Fullstop.

Warm here. This room so warm and I'm out from fever. Can you feel me?

Sedar tak sedar, hampir 5bulan internship at NZ Wheels Sdn. Bhd. and what can I tell you is I'm glad to be here. The things I never expect can happen all is here. Where is, I have one boss that so handsome and concern about me. I have neighbour that so nice, Sis Meri and Marisa. Beside, I also have Kak Liza yang banyak betul cakapnya and my boss call her BABY BOOMERS seems like she so hyper tak sebaya dengan umur. Heheh sorry Kak Liza its just so funny so let me write this.

Not just that, I know and friends with a lot of people here. Oh I will never forget them because mereka lah yang selalu buat aku happy untuk half of my day every monday to friday. Seems like I'm start to love everybody here. Thanks a lot Kak Sue cause take me to NZ Wheels from NAZA WORLD Automall before. Thanks also to Kak Aini yang pernah jadi kakak yang paling cantik dan baik pernah aku jumpa. Then thanks to all lah, Kak Ina, Kak Zai, Jasmin, Abang Im, Abang Meor, Kak Shima, Kak Maera, Kak Yuyu, Abang Aril, Kak Nurul, Abang Mi, Mr Edmund, Mr Guna, Mr Kumar, Mr Anan, Kak Fify, Kelly, Abang Azizi, Kak Wawa, Kak Sha, Abang Ajib, Abang Afiq, Abang Faris and others yang tak penat layan my kerenah while I'm here. Thank you so much!

Now my internship just tinggal berapa hari je lagi. Its mean, I will go to semester break and cuti for 2months. Just can't wait to have a long semester break. But unfortunately my mother want me to working. She said, I love to sleep and dia macam tak suka her daughter ni buang masa duduk rumah. But I dont want, If can, I want to continue workin at NZ Wheels can ah? Haih, Im not lucky cause my internship bukan time final year. Im not lucky ahhhhh!!! This is mean, I still can accept my internship dah nak tamat tempoh. Oh no!

Kalau boleh aku berterima kasih akan aku ucapkan terimakasih yang takkan terhitung. Sometimes, it’s hard to find words to tell you how much you guys mean to me. A lot of times, I don’t say anything at all. But I hope someday, you’ll understand, having all of you for half year is what I live for. Why, Gonna miss all of you guys. Exspecially my boss, Sheng. Sobs sobss :'(


Flower Delivery, 4.27pm.

I'm going to thanks for this flower delivery at the office. Seems like drama melayu sangat bila dapat bunga dekat office from a guy then blablablabla but like seriously what can I do with this flower? Makan? Kunyah? Oh ya, just tunggu sampai layu dan buang? So sad flower life. Bye.

Something big issue juga lah when everybody keep asking who gave me this flower lah, akak akak yang bekerja berbelas tahun pun never dapat delivery macam aku semua lah. Nak campak muka ni kat mana ??? Malu faham.

Anyway here are so much of memory Ive got.

Kenangan dengan setiap orang. Kenangan setiap kali join event. Kenangan setiap kali buat kerja. Kenangan kerja kena rejected. Kenangan buat air dekat pantri for all staff. Kenangan jumpa dengan suplier. Ahh there is so much I got here. That's mean I never expect yang I akan dapat semua ni like seriously. So please wait with my next entry that I'm going to share more about my practical life. See you soon. Xiexie


Wan Maruzen Wan Husain said...

BW here...

Anonymous said...

Akak you guna app ape yang pic no 1 dan 2 tu ?

Anonymous said...

Akak you guna apps ape pic 1 dan 2 ?
You entry selama nie best gile

Aimie Diyanna said...

I use BLEND COLLAGE & PHOTOGRID, by the way thanks reading.