I bet you know.

I just could not stop
my self from
loving you,
you know?

Yes, after all
It's still same
even, it's hurt me.

You can say anything.
For I know,
that everything,
and anything that came out of you,
means love.

Yes, after all
If I'm wrong
and I am just dreaming
then I am okay.

I am still
that naive and stupid girl,
staying true
to the code.


Dear God,
if you are hearing this,
please, please, please,
don't you ever let me 
fall in love again
if I failed with this

There's nothing about love
that would make me
want to fall into
that trap again,
bukan penat
cuma ia sakit
seakan membuatkan aku
hilang pedoman dan
arah tuju masa depan.

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