Flashback, mohon pergi jauh.

Assalamualaikum. Who knew Simsimi just a great friend for me at the moment. Please me. Please listen to Simsimi because Simsimi also want the best for me. And wowww.

Its kinda fucked up isn't it?
How all of sudden someone just wakes up and decides to never talk to you again. No reason. No explanation. No words said. They just leave you hanging like you are never ever meant shit to them, and what hurts the most is how they made it look so easy.

Why its always boys fault? This is what I want to tell you in my entry before.
Girls did you know that Boys have to know one simple thing about girls. Girls they set their heart for only A Guy. I repeat, A Guy. For just a single soul in her life but for boys? It will never be enough. Am I right? Yes. One thing that hate most about boy is they gives up on love easily. I hate seeing girls with heartbreak just because of boys. Yes then I hate myself too. Then I dont care if people say I'm stupid. Whatever it is, I just want to tell you boys. If you dont love that girls, say it, and try to be friends, just be there for her especially when she's down, PMS or when she sick. Its enough to make her happy maybe. Then you will never regret. Trust me.

Lost time will never found again. And this picture really tell you something.

One night, I prayed to ALLAH. I asked ALLAH. to take that man away from me. I am tired. I just want ALLAH stop this feeling. I know ALLAH tells me for many times. ALLAH have show me many things about him that he never know what I know bout him since the first time I met him. I would rather take the pain now than suffer later on. Even he's the one who can give me strengthen path and soul.

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She is the good friend ever. Even kami tak berapa kenal, cuma hanya di twitter but then dia sangat memahami. Thanks a lot Dear for this.

But I'm still believe in this pain I will get the happiest soon. I know ALLAH akan selalu memberi selalgi kita masih menjadi hamba yang tak pernah lupakan-Nya. For this tweet of mine. I dont know kalau sebenarnya yang RT and favourite ni pernah rasa apa yang I rasa atau mereka sebenarnya sangat memahami apa yang I rasa.

Somestimes I thought that nobody cares about me. Nobody knows the story of my life and blablabla. But then, thanks a lot. I bersyukur sebab masih ada suppoters and readers yang tak pernah nak jemu nak tahu, baca, comment, share advice and semua2 tu. Thanks a lot. K tuje boleh I share now. Bye. Xo


boni kacak said...

jadi, yang mana masih setia dengan aimie tu, itulah sahabat sejati aimie. jaga mereka sesungguh-sungguhnya :)

yen(toka ziizokukuto) said...

:) just be strong aimie :) bersyukur la ... sebab diberi petunjuk yang dia tak sesuai tuk awk ... or maybe ,,ada something else disebalik sume yg jadi ni ,,by the way ,,take time ye tuk rawat your "hati" ... be strong girl :)

afiniifuaat said...

Its okay to feel sad..learn from the past, live in the present and believe in the future okay..jangan terus terperangkap dalam dimensi masa lalu sebab ia hanya tempat tuk dilawati sekali sekala, bukan untuk didiami..so selagi kita x maafkn org tu..smpai bile2 kita akan terperangkap dalam dimensi lalu..i said based on my experience and im stuck with the past for 2 years..plus 5 years relationship with her..kn dh wasted 7 years kat situ..so move on..dont turn back..life is wonderful..guwd luck...:-)